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Shelley Lapkoff, Ph.D.
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Surprising Stories Behind of the Pledge of Allegiance

To hear Dr. Shelley Lapkoff's 2008 talk at the Commonwealth Club of California, click here.

Speech Program Highlights
Explore the deeper meaning in the Pledge of Allegiance. After this program, you'll never again say the Pledge the same way!
  Discover why the Pledge was written
  Appreciate why the author chose the words he did
  Understand how and why the Pledge's wording was changed twice
  Learn about the social, economic, and political forces that shaped the Pledge
  Value public education, an institution many take for granted today.

Most of us have recited the Pledge of Allegiance thousands of times. Many people say the Pledge almost unconsciously, simply reciting the 31 words by rote. Some refuse to say the Pledge. Others say it and feel uncomfortable about it. Shelley’s talk can transform people’s experience of the Pledge, providing a more profound meaning, by fleshing out its historical context and describing why the words were chosen.

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