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About Shelley Lapkoff
Shelley Lapkoff is a demographer by training and profession. After receiving her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s Demography Department in 1988, she began providing demographic research services to businesses and government. She has given hundreds of informative talks to city councils, citizen groups, and school boards. Occasionally she teaches a graduate course in applied demography at UC Berkeley and has served as expert witness in several court cases. For more information about Shelley’s demographic consulting services, go to www.demographers.com.

Shelley’s gift is her ability to synthesize complex information into talks that are easy to understand, entertaining, and fun. Her goal is to give people a new perspective, broaden their outlook, and shift their thinking. Shelley researched the Pledge of Allegiance’s history and has been giving talks on the subject since 2001.

ph: 510-540-6424, fax: 510-540-6425
email: Lapkoff@aol.com

Member, National Speakers Association

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